2nd China International Fireworks Festival

Most people have never had to plan a display so there are lots of questions.  By far, the best way to judge display quality is to see the production with your own eyes. Since that’s not always easy, we have included lots of video to help you.

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#1 Display Quality
There is a difference.

A fireworks display is a live performance art form just like a singer or a musical band.

Just like some singers perform better than others, some display company productions are better because of their creative talents, experience and investment in specialized equipment and high quality fireworks.

To help you see the differences between our displays and the “common” display, we recommend you view our video called “Artistry.”

Why do fireworks displays look different?

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“Everyone around the Township has not stopped talking about the fireworks display and how it was the best they have ever seen. From our first meeting until the day of the event, you guys were the best to work with. We appreciate all of your insight and your creativity was amazing.”

Montgomery Township

Many of our productions are precisely choreographed to a music soundtrack that complements your event’s theme.  Known as “pyromusicals,” these productions truly engage the audience and evoke tremendous emotion.

To see the power music brings, take a look at this video which shows the same display with and without music.


Traditional vs. Pyromusicals
There’s a BIG difference.

#2 Pyromusical v. Traditional
Music makes a powerful difference!

We know this territory well and will handle the details of the production for you.

We will:

We free you to focus on all of the other aspects of your event.

#3 Logistics
Relax. We’re here to make it happen for you.

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