2nd China International Fireworks Festival

Pyrotechnics can be used in some unexpected places and closer to the audience than ever before.

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Stage Pyro

Close proximity products allow for highly predictable and repeatable performance of fireworks effects. This permits their use even when the audience is nearby.

Close proximity fireworks are impressive without compromising safety allowing for use in places that can surprise an audience.

We use close proximity products in places like:

If you want to include pyro in your performance or event, but aren’t sure if you can, ask us . . . you might be surprised at the answer.

Roof Top Pyromusical

In situations where there’s simply no room for a land-based display, but a body of water is nearby, either a rented barge or our own pontoon boat may be an ideal solution.

Watch how a 60' barge becomes a platform for a display measuring over 300 feet wide and how effects usually reserved for land-based shows greatly add to depth, variety and beauty on a barge display.

For smaller bodies of water, our pontoon boat is ideal.

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Live Stage Performance
“Barges Reimagined”
“Quiet” Fireworks
“Quiet” Fireworks Display Sample

For venues where the noise created by normal fireworks is a concern, we offer “Quiet” fireworks. Quiet fireworks are not noiseless. But the amount of noise is greatly reduced and we can produce either a traditional display or a pyromusical display, where the fireworks are beautifully synchronized to a musical soundtrack.

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